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Glassroots is a licensed, table-service restaurant dedicated to local, plant-based, innovative dishes, backed by an impressive Nashville only vegan wine wine list.

What began as two separate dreams long ago, has become one reality for life & business partners, Corey & Quark.  Quark, the laid-back, wine geek with tattoos and a love of classic cocktails, and Corey, the classically trained, red seal chef born into a lineage of European butchers. Glassroots is a fully plant-based Nashville restaurant serving up refined, creative & delicious vegan dishes.

Best Food In Nashville

The food at glassroots combines an appreciation for Nashville's farming tradition and bounty of vegetables, a deep  connection to the farmers and soil in the area and a creative, uplifted, refined version of classic dishes. Chef Corey, a classically trained chef with years of experience and an obsession with vegetable cookery leads a team of gifted chefs to create innovative dishes that combine comfort food with sophistication. We also serve up the best coffee in Nashville! The food at glassroots is delicate yet rustic. Polished, yet simple. We hope to do more than just Occupy Nashville but make a large difference in the community as well! The menu was created with your health in mind, but also your taste buds. Combining flavours of foods in their most natural state, using organic ingredients when possible, and choosing peak season produce from the most local sources in Nashville.

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